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  • In Every Moon There Is A Face

    In Every Moon There Is a Face
    by Charles Mathes
    Illustrated by Arlene Graston

    ForeWord Magazine – “Best Children’s Picture Book Of The Year”

    This elegant book began with a poet’s simple words, which inspired an artist’s vision, a moon, a face, a child.
    The face in that moon draws us into a wondrous journey beyond the bounds of time and space. Our experience grows deeper and more magical with each reading as we connect with our creative selves.
    Arlene Graston’s spell-binding paintings flow perfectly with Charles Mathes’s gentle lyrics, inviting us to embark on a voyage of discovery and delight.

  • A Mother's Promise

    A Mother’s Promise
    by Lisa Humphrey
    Illustrated by David Danioth
    a Terri Cohlene Book

    Mom’s Choice Award – “Distinctive Illustration” & “Family Life”
    USA Book News – “Best Children’s Book – Finalist”

    The tenderness and purity of motherhood pour from the pages of this breathtaking picture book, as a mother promises to bring her unborn child the warmth of the desert, the solitude of the world’s sacred places, and the mutual joy of their togetherness. Teaching honor and respect for the world around us, the expectant mother enters into the serenity of the most dynamic bond the world has ever known.

    Elegantly written by Lisa Humphrey and illustrated by David Danioth, A Mother’s Promise is a celebration of a mother’s love and the deep connection between mother and child. Sanctioned by the most elemental forces of nature, this glowing treasure is sure to be handed down from generation to generation.

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