How to endear your self to an art director – pt. 2


DO try to meet (at least by phone) the art director you would actually be working with.

DO listen carefully (take notes) to the entire scope of the project.

DO ask questions if you have any. (Call back with a list if you need to.)

DO read entire (final, if possible) text for proposed book.

DO expect to provide sketches and/or thumbnails as requested in a timely fashion.

DO expect to be competing with other artists.

DO indicate your willingness to take direction. (Remember, you are dealing with an
art director.)

DO review contract with your artist representative, attorney, or other trusted professional.

DON’T oversell yourself. Taking on a project beyond your skill, with too tight of a time frame or one that doesn’t hold your interest can be disastrous. Be objective.

DON’T agree to illustrate a book you can’t be proud of. It will haunt you forever.

DON’T agree to terms you can’t live with

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