Something Special

Something Special

SOMETHING SPECIAL by Terri Cohlene illustrated by Doug Keith Benjamin Franklin Award – “Best Design” USA Book News – “Best Children’s Picture Book – Finalist” Terri Cohlene’s imaginative picture book will bring a smile to your face and a furrow to your brow as you challenge your mind with this playful puzzle. Whimsically illustrated by […]

How to endear yourself to an art director – pt. 3

III. EXECUTING THE ASSIGNMENT (not the art director): DO commit to attitude of reliability and cooperation. DO return phone calls promptly. DO suggest calling back if you feel too emotional to be cordial. DO confirm phone conversations with e-mail memo. DO adhere to a WRITTEN schedule with frequent “check-in” dates. DO agree how final art […]

Formatting for Submission

Humpty Dumpty                                                                                         #words 12345 Wall St. Mother Goosetown, WA (360)123-4567 BREAKING UP IS OVER-EASY by G. Yolk This is an example of a proper format for submitting a manuscript to a publisher.  Start approximately half-way down the page.  Single-space the heading, double-space the body of the text.  Keep these approximate margins and DO […]

Collaboration Made Easy (well, easier!)

in ten, not-so-easy steps (plus three) 1. Impress your editor with your professionalism. Imbue yourself with openness and willingness to cooperate. 2. NEVER directly communicate with the illustrator without your editor’s blessing. 3. Give up the idea you will have total control of your project. The book is not going to look exactly like you […]

Critique Groups – pt. 2

TIPS FOR THE CRITIQUER DO offer positive as well as constructive comments. What is/is not working for you? DON’T EVER criticize the author’s idea. The critiquer’s roll is to comment on the writing. DON’T nit-pick every single detail unless requested by the author. There’s no need to reiterate what others in the group have said […]

Where I get my ideas

When people ask where I get my ideas, I say, ‘They come from my life.’ One day, while sending my second-grader off to school, I suddenly thought of how many ways we deliver a kiss. I put that together with my children’s love of riddles, and boom! Something Special was born. And as art director […]

How to endear yourself to an art director – pt. 1

I. BEFORE THE ASSIGNMENT: DO take a class, attend workshops or otherwise educate yourself on becoming a professional children’s book illustrator. (Know the difference between, an artist and illustrator.) DO create a portfolio indicating your range and interests. DO include in your portfolio a variety of: ages, expressions, ethnicities, activities, styles (realistic/fantasy, cartoon, human/animal etc.), […]